February 7, 2014

My Favorite Campaign This Month: Fifth Third Bank Stands Up To Cancer

It's been awhile since I've posted about my favorite ads. That's partly because I recently joined a new agency, and began working on one of the biggest campaigns of my career...

Fifth Third Bank. The Curious Bank.

Over the last six months, my team has been charged with demonstrating how Fifth Third Bank uses curiosity to solve problems to improve lives - and not just banking problems, people problems.

Recognizing the fact that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be affected by cancer in our lifetime, Fifth Third asked questions like "We were curious, could the things you buy mean even more?" and "We were curious, could a checking account help fight cancer?" This was the impetus behind Fifth Third's partnership with Stand Up To Cancer, an organization that takes a curious approach to supporting cutting-edge cancer research.

To generate new customers, Fifth Third Bank is promoting a $150 cash bonus offer in addition to a matching $150 donation to Stand Up  To Cancer when opening a new checking account with direct deposit and three online bill payments.

Here's some of the work. Visit 53.com/su2c for the full campaign experience. Who will you #PayToTheOrderOf?

August 9, 2013

Good Use of Augmented Reality

How cool is this? If you want to see what furniture will look like in your home before you drive to IKEA, deal with the crowds, and spend hours assembling the piece... well, there's an app for that!

IKEA didn't just use augmented reality because it's a cool, kind of new technology. Their app actually provides a useful service and helps overcome one of the barriers to purchasing new furniture.

April 17, 2013

My Favorite Ad This Week... This Year

From Dove and Ogilvy. Pure brilliance. Reminds me why I wanted to work in advertising in the first place. Wish there was more of this on air...

April 3, 2013

How to be a leader when you're not the boss

I caught this article today from Art Petty about demonstrating leadership skills at any level. I highly recommend brainstorming opportunities around #1. Personally, I led an agency social media initiative which demonstrated my leadership skills to senior management. It facilitated my growth at the agency, and also added a unique experience to my resume.

Here's the meat of the article. For the full article, visit artpetty.com.

5 Ideas to Gain Leadership Experience Before the Title:
1. Volunteer to Lead Something. Anything. Seriously, whether it’s the planning committee for the holiday party or Summer picnic or an initiative that’s on the boss’s wish list, jump in with both feet and learn what it’s like to bring a project in on time, under budget and with great results.

2. Interview the Firm’s Leaders about their Leadership Experiences.  I enjoyed watching a newly minted college graduate who was set on quickly moving into a supervisory role, navigate her way through a series of interviews with the firm’s senior leaders. Her enthusiasm, great questions and interest in the challenges and experiences of people in positions of authority left a great  impression that certainly kept her front-of-mind for one of the next promotions.

3. Make a Project Manager a Mentor. This often under-appreciated role is filled with great professionals who achieve miracles with little direct authority over their resources. They build trust, motivate people who don’t work for them and facilitate the art and science of delivering initiatives. Shadow, observe and soak up the lessons!

4. Step into Sticky Situations on Your Team. I make it a habit of looking for those individuals who display the ability to bring calm and focus and who can promote progress in situations where everyone else is flailing or panicking. Be that person and you’ll be noticed.

5. Strive to Be a Great Follower. While perhaps counter-intuitive, striving to be a great follower for your boss helps you strengthen your understanding of the role of the leader. Personally, professionally and politically, it’s a great way to build your reputation and gain trust from your boss.

January 11, 2013

My Favorite Ad This Week

With the flu running rampant these days, this is my favorite ad this week. Help Remedies always has clever ideas - from their packaging, to their products, to their advertising. Just goes to show the best digital ideas leverage existing online behavior (or at least in my opinion they do).

Here's a link to the full article.

December 18, 2012

Advertising Salary Advice

Let me start out by putting a huge disclaimer on this post: I am not an expert on salary, negotiating, or managing money in general. However, the following two things happened this week, so I thought I'd share my novice advice (for what it's worth).
  1. A reader asked me what to expect in terms of advertising salary based on her experience and anticipated new job title.
  2. I recently read a fantastic article about "How to Get a Fair Salary" and was grateful for the specific advice.
Let's first address #1 above. From what I hear, everyone's salary is a bit different. For salary ranges, I like to use glassdoor.com, salary.com and payscale.com. These salary comparison sites help you understand a salary range given your experience, or where you're looking to be hired. Additionally, they're pretty reputable, so you can feel comfortable referencing them when negotiating.

Regarding #2. "How to Get a Fair Salary" is a short article in January's Real Simple magazine. It's part of the "10 Things Your Mother Never Taught You" story. I can't find the article online, so here are a few highlights until you get a chance to pick up your own copy.